You Got It All. First play on Capital + Heart at 8am tomorrow!!! #UJGotItAll

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omg it’s been 2 years since started i’m like a proud mum haha

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19/10 # union j  
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Time travel.

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mom can i borrow $100,000 please i’ll give u it back when im rich and famous

18/10 # me  

"i want the world to see
how much you mean to me,
and i want you to know
i’ll never let you go
cus in my heart is where you’ll stay
even if you’re miles away
you make my sun shine every day
i really hope that that’s okay ♡”

- src

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Jaymi performing at Girlguiding’s Big Gig

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George on Snapchat (October 5, 2014)

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16/10 # josh cuthbert  

baby i love you, i never wanna let you go 

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15/10 # union j  

you make me so happy 

15/10 # union j  

Boyband Union J made a special guest appearance at a top fundraising London primary school to launch the Best.Assembly.Ever.

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